Emerging Findings on Jurisdictional REDD+ in Mato Grosso

Ahead of COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh, The Nature Conservancy published emerging findings from a case study on jurisdictional REDD+ implementation to support the critical climate efforts of Indigenous Peoples in Mato Grosso State, Brazil. Indufor Advisor Priscilla Santos and Managing Director Jeffrey Hatcher were part of the core writing team for the report. Subnational jurisdictional REDD+ is particularly relevant in Brazil, where national-scale funding mechanisms have been shut down in recent years under the Brazilian administration, emphasizing the importance of diversified approaches that are not dependent on one administrative level. The REDD Early Movers Program in Mato Grosso (REM MT) secured €44 million at COP23 in 2017, structured on conditional payments from Germany and the UK if Mato Grosso keeps its deforestation levels below a threshold of 1,788 km² per year.

REM MT stands out for its distinct benefit-sharing structure, with a specific subprogram focused on Indigenous Peoples. This Indigenous territories subprogram was added to REM MT’s governance structure to better align its investments with legislative frameworks, ensure responsiveness to the forms of organization Indigenous Peoples, and guarantee compliance of the program with ILO Convention 169, which requires free, prior, and informed consent of Indigenous Peoples for such initiatives. The subprogram’s governance structure is led by Indigenous organizations, with a deliberative body including representatives of the Federation of Mato Grosso Indigenous Peoples (FEPOIMT) and Mato Grosso’s Indigenous Women Organization (Takiná). The deliberative body also includes public officials from state agencies, the Brazilian Biodiversity Fund (FUNBIO), the Brazilian federal Indigenous Peoples agency (FUNAI), and Germany’s GIZ as the technical cooperation partner.

The emerging findings from the case study, focused on Indigenous Peoples’ participation in REM MT, identified several success factors and lessons that may be transferable to other contexts and stakeholders wishing to implement similar jurisdictional REDD+ approaches. Ms. Santos and Mr. Hatcher are continuing to work with The Nature Conservancy, FEPOIMT, and the Mato Grosso State government to complete a full case study by 2023.

The emerging findings were formally launched at the COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. Read the emerging findings report in full here, and the executive summary here.

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