The “2023 Global Wood Trade Conference” was held in Rizhao City, Shandong Province, China, From July 4th to 6th. The event was jointly hosted by China Timber & Wood Products Distribution Association (CTWPDA), the Government of Rizhao City, and China Forestry Group.

Jarno Seppälä, the Managing Director of Indufor Oy, attended this event as a guest speaker. The topic of his keynote presentation was an overview of the global softwood log and lumber business.

More than 600 representatives from 14 countries (Finland, Germany, Russia, the U.S., Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, etc.) physically attended this conference. The attendees included wood traders, wood products manufacturers, and certification institutes, as well as experts from universities and related research institutes. In addition, the number of attendees through live streaming reached over 50 000.

The successful hosting of this conference reflects the openness, cooperation, and win-win development philosophy of China’s wood industry under the backdrop of international economic uncertainties.


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