Indufor Strengthens Carbon Services

Indufor recognizes that immediate action is needed to address the climate change crisis. In response, we are expanding our staff and services related to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This initiative comes as part of the development of broader sustainability strategies, which encompass the role of sustainable forestry in carbon sequestration and storage, and the scope for increased use of renewable resources to replace fossil fuels and emissions-intensive construction materials.

Pine plantation in Portugal.
Indufor has supported clients with carbon assessments and climate change mitigation initiatives over many years. Such advice has been provided to both the private and public sectors. Relevant assignments include:
  • Modelling carbon sequestration and release in forest asset valuations and natural capital assessments.
  • Advising major international donors on fund development, monitoring, and evaluation in their efforts to mitigate climate change. Available approaches include conservation, restoration, and sustainable forest management. The enabling mechanisms may involve REDD+ and climate finance initiatives, with a strong focus on local community rights (e.g., Design and implementation of the national stakeholder consultation process of the National REDD+ Strategy in Guatemala, taking into account cultural and gender equality considerations).
  • Development of country-led forest monitoring systems to support climate change reporting and verification of performance-based incentives (e.g., Guyana’s national forest monitoring system, Ghana’s MRV system).
  • Identification of carbon-eligible land for afforestation projects and quantification of potential carbon flows.
  • Support to the European Investment Bank activities in China over the past decade. The EIB has been lending to large-scale programs that advance climate change mitigation.
  • Providing strategic advisory services on attracting investment to Maine’s forest-based bioeconomy.
  • Providing strategic advice on carbon abatement opportunities to State governments in Australia.
Indufor-managed afforestation project in Tanzania.

Indufor is well-positioned to assist forest sector companies and investors as they navigate through the evolving policies, regulations, and voluntary market opportunities that the carbon sector demonstrates. We are expanding our support in the following areas:

  • Understanding the client’s current performance, analyzing gaps, and developing sustainability roadmaps that lower their carbon footprint and enhance broader environmental and social outcomes.
  • Calculating carbon footprints, developing forest carbon inventories and projections of carbon stock including sequestration potential for forestry operations.
  • Advising on emissions reductions and sustainability strategies, including options to achieve climate positivity and purchase offsets where necessary.

We have recently recruited two new specialists to the international group:

Arttu Pienimäki is a forest expert experienced in afforestation, plantation and boreal silviculture and carbon stock assessments. He joins the Indufor team with a background of several years working for an afforestation project in East Africa and looks forward to working with Indufor’s clients on carbon-related issues.

Haley Stauffer is a bio-renewable systems professional with experience in economic assessments for biomass supply chains, life cycle assessments, carbon footprinting, and bioeconomy market research. She has worked with experts at the U.S. Department of Energy on analyses of bioenergy supply chains and is excited to contribute to Indufor’s work in the forest-based bioeconomy.

Please contact us for your specific needs and we’ll be happy to discuss.

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