Indufor Staff Insights: Unique Growth Opportunities and International Exposure

Indufor Staff Insights: Unique Growth Opportunities and International Exposure

The year 2019 has been full of excitement, new challenges and opportunities for us at Indufor Group. With many new interesting projects and long-term collaborations, it has been a successful step forward in our share of contributions in the global movement towards sustainable practices in the forest sector. As the year is coming to a close, it is important to reflect on our achievements and share interesting insights that would prepare us for the new possibilities in 2020.

We have asked Ms Aziya Taalaibekkyzy tell us a bit about her experiences at Indufor and share some of her thoughts with our readers.


When did you start working at Indufor, and what did you do in the beginning?

I joined Indufor in May 2017 initially as an intern while I was still working on my master’s thesis with the University of Eastern Finland. My earliest tasks during the first few months included project coordination and marketing support for public tender processes. Right after my graduation in autumn 2017, I have started to actively participate in actual project work, mainly working with the governance of forest resources and initiatives to forest landscape restoration, as well as taking the lead in project management of our public sector projects.

What do you do now?

As is the nature of consulting work, my tasks are diverse and require an adaptive attitude to meet the needs of our clients. In 2019, my main focus has been on market studies, wood availability analyses and sustainability risk assessments for our private sector clients, especially in Russia. Simultaneously, I am always engaged in various marketing initiatives, including tendering processes. I’ve also been managing projects with our team in the office, and I have enjoyed new challenges that come with taking on new responsibilities.

What do you like best in your work?

The diversity of our work allows us to engage with different types of clients in many kinds of projects. Our daily tasks enable unique growth opportunities. We always work in teams and we have plenty of chances to work closely with and learn more from our senior consultants, team leaders and advisors. I also appreciate the international aspect of our daily job. We engage with clients all over the world, and we often collaborate with our sister offices in the US, New Zealand and Australia. I’ve been continuously learning a great deal by working with my colleagues and our clients.

Where do you think Indufor’s services are most needed and by whom?

Indufor serves a wide range of clients in natural resources management, investment advisory, and strategic industrial development. We can support clients who need an external opinion and who need experts to solve complex problems, which either they cannot address themselves or don’t have the resources to do on their own. E.g. clients looking to improve their operations and develop better strategies can benefit from our services. Often our work encompasses a combination of different services, and we are used to solving complex problems.

What’s happening in 2020 in your vision?

Next year will bring us more opportunities, and as a team, we are excited for new challenges ahead. We’ve been privy to many interesting developments in the forest sector recently, and it’s important to continue to adapt and move boldly forward as we continue to tackle global challenges together.

Last question: how do you pronounce your family name?

That’s a tricky one indeed! Try this: tɑ:lɑ:ibeəʳk kəzə.

Ms Aziya Taalaibekkyzy, an Indufor Consultant, has been with Indufor Group for 2.5 years. She holds a master’s degree in International and Comparative Law (MICL) focusing on International Natural Resources and Economic law and policy from the University of Eastern Finland (2017). Her key expertise lies in sustainability risk analysis, governance and institutional assessments, legal and policy analysis, climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies, forest restoration approach and natural resource management, as well as market reviews and analysis.

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