Engineered Wood Products in Wooden Construction and Repairs in China

Engineered wood products (EWPs), including cross-laminated timber (CLT), are in increasing demand in China’s ancient building renovation or pseudo-classic building construction markets. These activities are related to China’s cultural tourism promotion. In addition, EWPs are used in delicate garden structures and landscapes.

Indufor’s Kimi Shi attended the 9th China Wood Structure Industry Conference, hosted by the China Wood Protection Industry Association (CWPIA) in Fuyang Hangzhou, in January 2022. The conference also hosted meetings of the Wood Structure Sub-council and the Ancient Architecture Construction, Repair and Protection Sub-council to be established.


China is also developing cross-laminated bamboo timber (CLBT), which tests close to CLT in thermal, acoustic, vibration qualities. CLBT seems to be better than CLT on bending, elasticity, beam axial compression, and dynamic comfort qualities. The use of the Chinese bamboo forest can increase the overall application of biomass-based structures and contribute to carbon reduction.

Indufor’s expertise can support foreign investors in China as well as China’s wood structure enterprises to be more closely connected with global wood structure and EWP industries. 

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