Upcoming Webinar: Finland and U.S. Cooperation in Bioeconomy, Featuring Work in Maine

December 7, 2020

Indufor North America has been working on a project to advance Maine’s forest bioeconomy. FOR/Maine (Forest Opportunity Roadmap) is a cross-sectoral coalition working to diversify the state’s wood products businesses, attract capital investments, and develop greater economic prosperity for communities impacted by recent mill closures. Maine has set ambitious growth targets for its forest industry, and by 2025 FOR/Maine aims to grow its annual forest economy from the current $8.5 billion to $12 billion. Indufor carried out the federal funded research necessary to support this plan.

The U.S. aims to achieve their goal of an annual billion ton biomass output by 2030, known as the “Billion Ton Bioeconomy Vision.” This opens the door for many companies and research organizations to build ties with the U.S. Finland has agreed to a partnership with the States of Maine and Michigan for cooperation on developing a modern forest bioeconomy. All three locations share a long forest industry tradition. These partnerships aim to create joint research, development and innovation projects for actors on both sides of the Atlantic, with industry participation and a pathway to commercial opportunities in global markets.

On December 9th, Business Finland will be hosting a webinar at 15:45 (FI) / 8:45 (EST) to kick off these new partnerships. Jeffrey Hatcher, managing director of Indufor North America, Jeffery Hatcher, will speak about Indufor’s experience working with FOR/Maine as part of an exciting new chapter in Finish-US collaboration on bioeconomy. During the event, Finland, Maine, and Michigan will launch industry working groups open in sectors of the forest bioeconomy open for companies, education/research organizations and industry interest groups. The event will also serve as an opportunity for forest bioeconomy and forestry actors to showcase their activities and boost their transatlantic connections.

Register and learn more about the webinar here

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