Suvi Anttila Invited as Partner and Managing Director of Indufor

August 16, 2010

Indufor, one of the world’s leading consulting companies in the fields of forestry and forest industry, today announced the inviting of Ms. Suvi Anttila as Partner and Managing Director of the company. Suvi has an M.Sc. in Forest Sciences (Forest Products Marketing) from the University of Helsinki and a B.Sc. in Economics from Vaasa School of Economics and Business Administration. Suvi joins Indufor from Pöyry, where she worked more than 20 years in various managerial and leadership positions, including as CEO of Forest Industry Consulting.

Indufor serves clients globally in the field of various forest and wood end-uses as well as forestry infrastructure. Our work is driven by a wide range of public and private interests. Suvi’s role at Indufor will be to grow the company, especially in the private industry sector, by bringing her expertise and experience in global industry strategy, in M&A advisory support, and in finding new business opportunities in products or services. In particular, new services for partnering the public and private sectors will be one of the firm’s focus areas with Suvi.

Suvi commented, “Indufor has strong skills and competence in the forest sector to serve the current and emerging needs of its existing and new clients. We will continue to work closely with our clients to understand their needs and to be able to serve them better than ever”.

Tapani Oksanen, current Managing Director of Indufor, will take responsibility for Indufor’s growing business with governments, donor agencies and development financing institutions, including those related to climate change and REDD, and for leading the strong Indufor teams of forestry experts in field projects operating in various parts of the world. “Developing sound forest governance and other forest infrastructure is my key interest and where my contribution to Indufor’s strategy is strongest. I really look forward to working with Suvi to grow the firm”.

Olli Haltia, Chairman of Indufor Board, commented, “Indufor is ready to take the next step to becoming the premier advisor in the field of forestry and forest industry globally. During the last years, Indufor’s business has been increasingly driven by new wood uses and the creation of new forest and timberland assets as well as sustainability emphasising environmental and social dimensions. We are excited to have Suvi on board to lead the firm along this chosen growth path, where Indufor will deliver more comprehensive services to its clients”.


Olli Haltia + 358 40 901 0338
Suvi Anttila + 358 40 506 5990
Tapani Oksanen + 358 40 767 0857

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