Over 8 million Tree Seedlings Delivered by the Private Forestry Programme for Tanzanian Smallholders and Rural Organizations This Planting Season

May 23, 2017

The Private Forestry Programme is a Finnish government-funded development programme designed to run from 2014 to 2030. It has been designed to increase rural income by promoting the commercial management of smallholder plantations as well as small and medium enterprises. The programme adds value along the entire forest-product value chain, from improving the planting material to introducing innovative, high-value wood products.

The Private Forestry Programme started its operations in the beginning of 2014. It is gradually increasing the planting area targets towards the end of the first 4-year phase of the programme. The first two planting seasons achieved well the planting targets of 1 000 and 2 000 hectares. This recently completed season had a considerably bigger target to support planting of 6 000 ha of new smallholder plantations with not only seedlings and materials, but also extension and advisory services. The programme exceeded the target, and delivered over 8 million pine and eucalyptus seedlings to farmers and schools, an amount which is sufficient to plant an estimated almost 6 700 hectares.

Photo: Hanne Vaarala

The area will be confirmed in June-July with a field survey collecting survival and spatial data of the woodlots. The next challenge will be to test the PFP extension system and its reach and efficiency: the extension officers and Tree Grower Associations’ facilitators must ensure that the farmers will carry out the planned management activities of their woodlots to ensure high quality of their plantations.

Photo: Asko Siintola

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