David Nicoll

Senior Consultant Forest Resources

David Nicoll, Senior Consultant Forest Resources, holds a Bachelor of Forestry Science from the Australian National University (1996).

David has more than 20 years’ experience in forestry management, initially with Australia's pine plantation estates and then Indonesia's fast-growing hardwood estates. David's tropical forestry expertise covers planning and management of planted forest systems, from community to industrial scales, and a range of crops including fast growing hardwoods, teak, sago palm, and agroforestry systems. David has broad experiences working with large corporates, consulting firms, and donor agency projects in these climes, over a period of 15 years. A significant component of David's experience is with business feasibility (quantitative resource assessment, operational feasibility and financial viability) for start-up forestry projects, often in remote locations, and then leading teams through the challenging business start-up phases. These experiences also encompassed community and government engagement processes, regulatory compliance, and policy interpretation.

David has international experience across Australia, New Zealand, SE Asia, China plus some limited project work in Mozambique. David is now based in New Zealand but retains a strong interest to resolve the decline of peatland forests in Indonesia, and cares deeply about the associated impacts on the surrounding communities and peatland biota.

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