Matt Bovelander

Senior Consultant, Bio Solutions

Matt Bovelander, Senior Consultant Bio Solutions, holds an MSc (first class honours) from the University of Auckland and a Graduate Diploma in Business (Management) from Massey University.

Matt Bovelander has worked for many years in forest industry consulting bringing a wealth of experience based solutions to a broad range of client challenges from Asia to West Africa and the Americas. Typical assignments include market research, feed stock assessment, technology evaluation, due diligence and project feasibility assessment for a wide range of clients covering forest industry investors, lenders, project developers and trading houses.

Specifically Mr Bovelander’s Bio Solutions focus has concentrated primarily on biomass (e.g. wood chips, wood pellets and EFB pellets) for energy generation as well as agricultural feedstocks for biofuels (e.g. oil palm and jatropha for biodiesel and sugar cane for bioethanol). More recently Mr Bovelander has been involved in biomass assessments in support of bio based economies, biomass price forecasting for utilities and evaluating the viability of short rotation woody crops for biomass production in South East Asia.

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