Silja Siitonen

Managing Director

Silja Siitonen holds a DSc (Economics and Business Administration) degree from Aalto University in Helsinki (2003). She studied the globalization and regionalization strategies of the world’s top 100 pulp & paper companies in her dissertation. She is also MSc (Forestry) from University of Helsinki (1997) and MBA from University of South Carolina, USA (1992). In addition, she has the degrees of CEFA (Certified EFFAS Financial Analyst) from Swedish School of Economics in Helsinki (2005) and Strategic HR Management from Management Institute of Finland (2012).

Siitonen has over 20 years’ experience in management consulting, research, and strategic analysis. She has worked as Senior Consultant and Project Manager at Jaakko Pöyry, specializing in Corporate Strategy, Forestry, and Environmental projects. At Accenture she was Finnish Forest Industry Lead and Senior Manager at the Corporate Strategy Unit. At Global Intelligence Alliance (GIA) - a globally operating Market Intelligence consultancy - Siitonen was Partner, heading Analysis Unit in Finland and being Global HR Director. Just prior to joining Indufor, she worked at Spinverse Ltd. - a Nordic leader in innovation consulting - as Human Resources Director of the Group. She has also worked as sell-side Investment Analyst at Evli Bank and Mandatum Stockbrokers covering basic industry stocks.

Dr Siitonen has lived several years in the United States and Spain and has done field studies in 22 countries in Europe, North and South America. She communicates fluently in English, Spanish, and Finnish, being competent also in Swedish and German.

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