Jouni Eerikäinen

Senior Advisor

Mr Eerikäinen holds a MSc in Chemical Engineering from the Helsinki University of Technology; he has long experience on private sector environmental evaluations working as Senior Environmental Evaluation Manager at the EBRD and thereafter as Senior Environmental Specialist at the Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) of the World Bank. The evaluations for IFC, MIGA and EBRD included environment -related thematic studies and project evaluations in more than forty countries, comprising forest industries, process and manufacturing, oil, gas and mining, power & energy and infrastructure, agribusiness, telecommunication, health and education, and financial industries. His career started in plant and production management and continued at Sweco Industry Oy before joining the EBRD. After retiring from IEG in 2013, Mr. Eerikäinen has continued his career as an independent consultant at his own company SustEval-Consulting.

His native language is Finnish, he is fluent in English and has good Swedish and German language skills.

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