Jarno Seppälä

Managing Director, Head of Forest Industry & Bio Solutions Consulting

Jarno Seppälä, Head of Forest Industry and Biosolutions Consulting, holds a master’s degree in forest products’ marketing (MSc For) from the University of Helsinki (2001). Mr. Seppälä completed his thesis at Oregon State University, Corvallis, USA, in 2000.

Jarno Seppälä has an extensive international knowledge of primary and secondary wood product as well as bioenergy industries in Europe, Russia and North America. He has been actively involved in and/or managed complete business plans and other strategy formulations, sector studies, raw material, supply chain and market analysis including detailed end use segmentation and client identification. His responsibilities also include feasibility studies, investment analysis and evaluations as well as due diligences and M&A assessments. Mr. Seppälä has experience from both private and public sector – from small local operators to large multinational companies and organisations.

Seppälä is fluent in Finnish and English.

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