Daniel Paul Dima

Senior Advisor

Mr Dima holds a Master’s degree in Forestry (MSc For) from the University of Helsinki and has been active in the forest sectors of South-Eastern Europe in the past 15 years. He was the Director of an association of international forest investors, held a managerial position in a leading wood harvesting company in Romania, and focused on optimizing the use of forest technology in mountain areas, as well as on lobbying in Bucharest and Brussels for modern practices in private forests. He worked as a Consultant in several international projects targeting the Romanian forest sector. More recently, he has started working on the Japanese market, where he has been advising local companies on the selection of suitable harvesting technology for Japanese specific conditions. 13 years ago, he co-founded a consultancy company in Finland, working with Finnish, North American, Austrian, Swiss and German companies in the forest sector. His native language is Romanian, he is fluent in English and French, has good Spanish, Italian and Finnish language skills.

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