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Indufor Staff Insights: Unique Growth Opportunities and International Exposure

The year 2019 has been full of excitement, new challenges and opportunities for us at Indufor Group. With many new interesting projects and long-term ...

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Unexpected Results from Recent Research on Green Bonds

Against expectations, recent findings suggest that issuing green bonds does not result in an increase in stock price in the short-term. Indufor’s ...

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Rethinking Finance and Planning for Climate-Resilient Landscapes

Those of us working on forestry, agriculture, and landscape conservation can attest to the progress made in sustainable land use in recent decades. ...

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Challenges of Hard Brexit – European Wood Industry Preparing for Smooth Transition

Trade Overview

The United Kingdom (the UK) is a big importer of wood products in Europe; imports account for

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New Investments Will Affect the Supply-Demand Balance of Sawdust in Finland and Sweden

Sawdust is a sawmill by-product, and it has several industrial uses. In recent years, some of the Finnish sawmills have been struggling to find a ...

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Mass Timber High Rise Projects are Changing the Wood Construction Economy

Recently, the US Forest Service and the US Endowment for Forestry and Communities announced a Mass Timber University Grant ...

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Harvests Approach Maximum Sustainable Levels as Roundwood Prices Surge in Sweden

Swedish forest industry performance was largely positive in 2018 due to strong export opportunities. Roughly 70% of the forest industry’s ...

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