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Rethinking Finance and Planning for Climate-Resilient Landscapes

Those of us working on forestry, agriculture, and landscape conservation can attest to the progress made in sustainable land use in recent decades. ...

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Challenges of Hard Brexit – European Wood Industry Preparing for Smooth Transition

Trade Overview

The United Kingdom (the UK) is a big importer of wood products in Europe; imports account for

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New Investments Will Affect the Supply-Demand Balance of Sawdust in Finland and Sweden

Sawdust is a sawmill by-product, and it has several industrial uses. In recent years, some of the Finnish sawmills have been struggling to find a ...

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Mass Timber High Rise Projects are Changing the Wood Construction Economy

Recently, the US Forest Service and the US Endowment for Forestry and Communities announced a Mass Timber University Grant ...

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Harvests Approach Maximum Sustainable Levels as Roundwood Prices Surge in Sweden

Swedish forest industry performance was largely positive in 2018 due to strong export opportunities. Roughly 70% of the forest industry’s ...

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The US Timber Innovation Act and What it Means for Your Business, County or State

In 2017, the Timber Innovation Act was introduced in the US Congress with the aim of facilitating the use of innovative wood products, such as ...

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The Sky is the Limit for Sustainable Aviation Biofuels

Sustainable jet fuels are considered critical to the aviation sector’s long-term growth. As the International Air Transport Association forecasts ...

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