Indufor Recruits New Staff

March 12, 2009

Ms. Marjo Maidell, M.Sc. in Forest Sciences from the University of Helsinki, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, born 1983, joined Indufor’s Forest and Environmental Management team in January 2009 as Forest Economist.

Prior to joining Indufor, Ms. Maidell has worked for the Pellervo Economic Research Institute PTT and the Confederation of European Paper Industries CEPI. In her current position, Ms. Maidell specializes on forest asset valuation and investment analysis. She is also involved in climate change and carbon finance issues.




Mr. Olli Leino, M.Sc. in Forest Sciences from University of Helsinki, faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, born 1979, joined Indufor team as Forest Resource Assessment Specialist in March 2009.



Mr. Leino has been working part-time within the company for two years. He has an extensive project experience in the forest assessments, valuations and


plantation screenings in Europe, Mozambique, China and Russia. In addition, he has been working from the year 2005 as researcher and teacher at the University of Helsinki and has a strong experience in remote sensing and sampling related issues. He is currently working on his Ph.D. in forest inventory.


Ms. Karoliina Lindroos, M.Sc. in Forest Sciences (Forest Economics) from University of Helsinki, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, joined Indufor´s Forest Policy team as Forest Policy Specialist in March 2009.

Ms. Lindroos joins Indufor from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations where she worked on forest and agriculture policy specializing in forest tenure, commodity chain analysis and various other policy topics. In her current position she specialises on forest finance and payments for environmental services.

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