Indufor Organized a Bankers’ Breakfast Seminar on 19.11.2015

November 19, 2015

Indufor organized a Bankers’ Breakfast seminar on 19.11.2015 with two presentations:

Future of Forest and Forest Industry Investments,  that discussed the following questions and issues:

  • Which are the growth areas  for forest and forest industry?
  • Where will the industrial wood be produced?
    • Where will be the forest industries be located?
    • Pulp & paper; bio-products
    • Wood products
  • What about bioenergy and carbon credit markets?
  • Green bonds as an emerging major vehicle for financing projects and mobilising new financing for the transition to a low-carbon economy

Forestry and Forest Industry in Brazil, that covered:

  • Current and future trends
  • Main risks
  • Brazilian economy – key issues
  • Forest sector evolution
  • Timberland appreciation
  • Wood market trends

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