Indufor is now Approved Climate Bond Verifier, Certified by CBI – Climate Bonds Initiative

October 19, 2018

Indufor has been approved as Certified Green Bonds Verifier by CBI as one of the first forest industry consulting companies globally. We will now be able to assess green bond projects’ eligibility and compliance under the Climate Bond Standard. This is a new service area for our forest industry clients.

To receive a Certified Climate Bond, the investor or the issuer is required to have the bond reviewed by an approved 3rd party verifier. The verifier’s role is to ensure that the bond’s features and assets meet the Climate Bond Standard’s environmental and financial guidelines. Being approved by the Climate Bonds Standard Board’s Climate Bonds Standard & Certification Scheme, Indufor Oy is an official “Climate Bonds Approved Verifier.”

We will now be able to assess green bond projects’ eligibility and compliance under the Climate Bonds Standard. Indufor’s services to the companies will play a vital role in the Climate Bonds Standards process.

Comments from the representatives of the two organisations

Sean Kidney, CEO, Climate Bonds Initiative:

“Indufor are now a new member of the wider group of Approved Verifiers who play a crucial part in the certification process. Their expertise adds another assurance choice in the market for both issuers and investors around the globe. Indufor’s extensive background and reputation in business consulting and resources makes a strong platform for green bond assessments. Welcome onboard Indufor!”

Silja Siitonen, Managing Director, Indufor Oy:

“We are extremely proud to have received the Approved Verifier status by the Climate Bonds Initiative. Indufor is an independent, globally operating consulting company with close to 40 years of experience in the fields of Natural Resources Management, Investment Advisory and Strategic Industrial Development. Today we are happy to start supporting our clients in one more field – as verifier of Green Bonds – towards a greener and more sustainable business and environment.”

The main verifiers at Indufor are Dr Silja Siitonen and Ms Anna Keski-Pukkila with other Indufor industry and financial experts.

Link to CBI:s blog is here.

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