ICT for Forest Law Enforcement and Governance in Lao PDR – A New World Bank/PROFOR Working Paper

March 16, 2016

The Program on Forests (PROFOR) of the World Bank has published a working paper on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for Forest Law Enforcement and Governance (FLEG) in Lao PDR. The paper is based on the findings of the project that Indufor implemented for the World Bank. The lead author of the working paper is Dr Sepul Barua of Indufor.

The Forest Strategy 2020 and the Forest Law Enforcement Strategy of the Laos PDR have emphasized on combating illegal logging and improving forest governance through increased community awareness and improved monitoring systems. In this backdrop, the ICT applications that have potential to improve forest governance in Lao PDR have been identified in a working paper. Also the factors that strengthen the use of ICTs in the forest sector in the country have been analyzed. Experience of testing a number of ICT applications in the country is recorded in the paper. We provided recommendations for further development of ICT applications to improve forest governance in Lao PDR, and the lessons learnt for global dissemination.

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