Happy International Day of Forests!

March 21, 2016

Today we are celebrating the International Day of Forest of the United Nations. We would like to celebrate this day by initiating new blog series written by different Indufor’s staff members. And what better way to start than to stop for a second in our busy daily lives, and think about the wider context. Why are we doing the things we do? What does our work mean to us?

The UN has announced that this year the theme for the International Day of Forests is ‘Forests and Water’. Forests play a major role in the natural water cycle through various mechanisms. These include, but are not limited to the ability of trees to circulate water through evapotranspiration by moving water from the soil through a treeand evaporating it into the atmosphere. There are also many below-ground mechanisms, including the ability of roots to regulate and clean soil water from various harmful chemical substances. On a landscape level, forests play an important role in watershed management and erosion control. In our work at Indufor, these aspects of forests are most often tackled in different Ecosystem Services Projects (ESP), including various Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) assignments, which are conducted for both the public and private clients.

However, it is easy to fall into the mindset of just doing things as we always have, which would be the safe and risk-free way to go. Yet, as we are facing ever-increasing global challenges, it is of essential importance for us to adapt and change our behavior, and not the least our way of thinking. As major global problems, such as deforestation and climate change, are pressing us, the old ways to do things are simply not an option anymore. But what does this all mean to us personally, to you and me? We at Indufor encourage everyone to stop for a minute today, and think about your own daily activities. What could you do differently? What could be your own input to ensure the survival of our forests?

The forest sector is experiencing most interesting times. The old patterns and habits are breaking and new ones are being formed, while the various roles of world’s forests are being acknowledged for far beyond the traditional forest sector. In Indufor, we take pride of the work we are doing, and we acknowledge the responsibility of our work. We believe that we are shaping the world to be a better place, piece by piece, project by project. Meanwhile, I am, as a young analyst, standing at the middle of it, giving my tiny share to the blowing winds which determine the direction of the future of our forests.

On behalf of whole Indufor team, I wish you all happy International Day of Forests!

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