Global Markets for Forest Industry – Benchmarking Study

November 1, 2018

Indufor carried out a market and benchmarking study for a consortium of forest industry organizations in the United States.

The objective of the project was to identify investment opportunities in a selected region for the consortium representing forest industry organizations in the United States.

During the first phase of the project, Indufor developed a long list of traditional forest products (e.g. dissolving pulp, sawnwood, MDF, OSB), but also a list if new innovative  products (e.g. CLT, MPP, bio crude, furfural, nanocellulose, WPC, BPC, activated carbon, PLA), and then analysed the global markets for those products.

The findings of the first phase resulted into a short list of most promising forest products for new investments. Indufor analysed the competitive landscape in selected countries across the world for the shortlisted products, including detailed analysis of the operating environment in selected countries. Key competitive factors were benchmarked, including raw material availability, unit costs, logistics and the policy environment.

Xylitol moleculeFinally, the most promising forest products were ranked, based on the benchmarking results. A SWOT analysis for the three highest ranking forest product technologies was carried out. Following the identification of the most suitable forest products for new investments and their comparative advantages, Indufor gave recommendations on how to further improve the competitiveness in the client’s region.

For further information, please contact Jeffrey Hatcher or Jarno Seppälä.


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