From Sunset to Sunrise

March 21, 2018

Dear Client, Partner, Colleague,

Twenty-five years have passed since I started my forestry career.

In the 1990s, world forest industry was still very regional and fragmented. It has been only during the last 15 years when the whole natural resources sector has experienced a major turn-around, consolidated and globalised; according to my doctoral dissertation, there were only a handful of truly global forest products companies in the world as late as in 2003.

New environmental regulation, climate change, declining paper demand, shareholder value destruction, improved bargaining power of globalising customers and end-users, as well as continuing forest degradation have pushed the sector to change and renew itself. It has been an exciting journey to see the whole sector change from a sunset to a sunrise industry.

In the early 1990s forest certification and recycling had become ‘the Things’ within the sector to talk about. Today, certified and sustainably managed forests have become the norm for the industry as raw material; over 60% of forests in Europe and as much as 86% in Finland are already certified. Today we are not talking any more about recycled paper products, but recycled products in general and even more broadly circular economy.

Bio composites, bio fuels, and biomass for energy have risen in importance. Engineered wood products, like CLT and LVL, are revolutionising the sustainable timber construction. Climate change has promoted the emergence of global green finance. Natural capital valuation helps companies to track natural resources and related emissions and to reduce environmental externalities. Potential forest degradation can be combatted against with sustainable forest management and monitored timely and accurately with recent advances in remote sensing technologies.

We at Indufor are on top of all these new, innovative developments. I am proud to be part of our top-notch, professional teams who work hard for an ecologically, economically, and socially more sustainable and responsible world. With close to 40 years of experience, we have helped more than 300 clients in over 900 projects in five continents.

Maybe we could help you and your company, too?

We will participate in the bi-annual bio and forest industry trade fair PulPaper2018 at the bioenergy/wood industry section (6k). The event will take place May 29 – 31, 2018 in Helsinki, just a couple of blocks from Indufor headquarters. We will have success stories and interesting case studies to share with you on bioenergy and wood industry investments, sustainable wood sourcing, as well as new trends in natural capital and green finance, among others.

If you are planning to participate in the event, please let us know in advance (taina.paro (at), and we will be able to reserve individual meetings for you with our experts.

See you in Helsinki in May!

Silja Siitonen

Managing Director as of February 1st, 2018

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