Farm Income Enhancement and Forest Conservation Project, Uganda

October 4, 2010

Indufor has been contracted to provide technical assistance services in the Farm Income Enhancement and Forest Conservation Project (FIEFOC) for the Ministry of Water and Environment of Uganda.

The Government of the Republic of Uganda through the Ministry of Water, Lands and Environment has received a credit from Nordic Development Fund and a loan from the African Development Fund towards the cost of Farm Income Enhancement and Forest Conservation Project (FIEFOC). Within FIEFOC Indufor will support the implementations of the the Tree Planting Sub Component (TPSC). The objective for the TPSC is to provide adequate enabling environment for effective community and private sector participation in forest plantation establishment and forest resources management on degraded areas towards increased wood and timber supply and improved environmental conditions among other positive impacts.

Technical assistance is directed to three components:
1) technical support and project management
2) capacity development and
3) forestry spatial information system development.

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