Strategic Analysis

Complementing our work in public sector policy analysis and design, Indufor has extensive experience conducting strategy analyses for specific programs as well as for public and private sector organisations. Employing a holistic view, we offer a comprehensive assessment of operating environments, including policy settings and market dynamics.

Indufor utilises a range of established tools and frameworks to conduct and present its assessments, from SWOT and PEST to value chain analyses and scenario planning. We also use a risk-based management framework to identify and describe the most significant strategic issues for our clients.

Rural landscape in Indonesia featuring the interface between forests and agricultural enterprises (banana plantations in foreground).

With an international perspective, we provide our clients with a detailed reporting of specific operating environments and market dynamics. We have offices and personnel in Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas, all of which inform consolidated strategic analyses of the impacts of climate change and development on specific countries, regions and project settings. We have produced these analyses for development agency clients and international organisations as well as companies seeking to assess forest sector assets and investment opportunities in diverse regions throughout the world.

Mature Eucalyptus grandis plantations in Uruguay.
Learning how to turn cocoa into chocolate with Ghanaian communities

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