Sectoral Policy Analysis & Design

Indufor employs an integrated, cross-sectoral approach to policy development, drawing from its reservoir of multi-disciplinary expertise. Forest governance is a dynamic practice, affected by globalisation, decentralised management, privatisation, and the changing demand for forest products and services from more urbanised population. Smart and responsive public policies are needed to protect the rights of different groups of people within communities and across societies.

In support of intelligent and dynamic policy development, Indufor provides thorough analyses of policy options and informed design of public sector programs. We have a strong knowledge base of supply chain dynamics in the forestry sector and expertise on the dependencies between different land use allocations.

Forests in the Andes

Indufor applies its policy expertise on projects pertaining to sustainable development and national forest policies, including responses to climate change. This work includes capacity building to support sustainable landscapes and REDD+ readiness; evaluation reviews of ecosystem restoration projects; and green growth project development in forestry and land use.

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