Continuous plantation monitoring provides critical intelligence with which to track forest harvesting, monitor plantation conditions, and record the development of new plantations.

With over 20 years of experience in using satellite imagery for resource mapping, Indufor’s mapping team offers unique insight that builds on our in-depth knowledge of satellite imagery and forestry.

We utilise the latest technological advances and frequent satellite coverages to deliver timely updates of harvest progress, and other changes (disease, fire or wind damage) across forest estates. Combining radar and optical satellites further improves this cadence, meaning we can continually monitor resources.

Our Model

Indufor’s monitoring algorithms draw information from forest records and satellite images to create models and spatial layers that track performance. Our model allows resource managers to rapidly assess trends, review plantation performance and establishment success, and monitor canopy health over large areas. The results are provided in an ‘analysis ready’ format compatible with common mapping systems. This supports a targeted approach to management of plantations.

Our algorithms and ‘data cube’ processing structure are optimised for a cloud-processing environment, enabling frequent and rapid assessment of large areas.


Area Experts

Pete Watt

Head of Resource Monitoring

David Paul

Head of Forest Resources Consulting (Australia)

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