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With over 25 years’ of experience in using Earth Observation (EO) data Indufor’s Resource Monitoring team offers a unique insight on how to effectively monitor the Earth’s natural resources.

Our team creates actionable information from EO data that can be used to routinely monitor forest and landscape change.

Indufor’s Continuous Resource Monitoring System (CRMS) works by integrating high cadence EO data to provide timely insights required to support the monitoring of landscapes and improve decision-making processes.

Our expertise is applied to improve land monitoring processes such as tracking land cover change; updating land cover maps; monitoring compliance activities and providing baseline sustainability indicators.

Our routines are readily customised to allow monitoring of land use and cover change and can be provided in an ‘analysis ready’ format compatible with common mapping systems.

Resource Screening

Using our cloud-based routines, Indufor can evaluate resources by integrating data layers and ...

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REDD+ Monitoring, Reporting & Verification Systems (MRVS)

Effective monitoring of forest loss and their associated carbon stocks is a critical part of ...

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Area Experts

Pete Watt

Head of Resource Monitoring

Chaplin Chan

Principal Applications Developer

Santosh Bhandari

Remote Sensing Specialist

Chen Yang

Consultant, Resource Monitoring

Kevin Tao

Consultant, Resource Monitoring

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