Indufor adopts a multi-disciplinary approach encompassing forestry, financial and environmental, social & governance (ESG) expertise, to provide comprehensive due diligence of investments and projects for clients.

Our clients include: funds, lenders, government organisations and public bodies, for whom we provide acquisition, vendor and lender due diligence throughout the forest industry and biomass value chains. More recent assignments include other commodities, such as coffee and tea.

The robustness of underlying investment assumptions, including the financial model are evaluated so that informed decision making is enhanced by the amount and quality of information available. On-the-ground due diligence can be an essential component to understand the investment’s specific characteristics, revenue drivers, markets, infrastructure, management, exit options, risks and to verify asset descriptions.

Indufor’s global experience, network, research and information library allow us to help clients quickly develop an accurate assessment of the target project.

Indufor also conducts “reverse due diligence” in which we support clients wishing to divest assets by providing independent assessment of the asset and third-party verification of claims. Such a “quality stamp” has secured favourable sale prices for clients.

Due diligence increasingly emphasizes environmental and social matters, in addition to economic factors. Indufor’s in-house capabilities extend to assessment of these criteria also.

Reasons to work with Indufor:

  • Over 40 years of experience
  • Independent advice
  • Internationally recognised team of experts
  • Multi-disciplinary teams
  • Unparalleled knowledge of the global forestry sector
  • Proven methodology and systems, together with high quality reporting
  • Dedicated to client satisfaction

Area Experts

Bill Liley

Managing Director of Indufor Asia Pacific

Andrew Morton

Managing Director Asia Pacific (Australia)

Jarno Seppälä

Managing Director, Head of Forest Industry & Bio Solutions Consulting

Thomas Selänniemi

Head of Natural Resources Management

Nigel Chandler

Head of Forest Resources Consulting

André Neumann

Senior Consultant, Forest Resources

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