Forests are characteristically long-lived assets, and forming a view of their future is critical. Timberland appraisals and investment analyses address this need, and attention to the assessment of existing tree crops and their estimated future performance is essential for accurate valuations and successful investment outcomes.

Indufor is at the forefront of developments in the forestry sector, offering thought leadership and foresight of future trends so that our clients can respond to the future demands on their businesses. Our Forest Investment and Asset Valuation practice area covers the entire value chain, from raw material supply to end-product demand for the forestry, bioenergy and forest based industries on a global scale. Our insights and sectoral knowledge allow detailed predictions of future wood flows and cash flows when valuing assets.

Our services include: forestry investment advice, due diligence, asset valuation, and value creation through improved supply chain management. Over the past decade, our team has carried out over 500 assignments in more than 100 countries.

Our clients include private and public forest companies, timberland investors, financial institutions, international development banks, international organizations, government institutions, and other agencies. In recent years, our focus has also broadened to other biological assets such as rubberwood, coffee, tea and energy crops.

Investment Advisory

Indufor offers unparalleled knowledge of the timberland investment universe. Our investment ...

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Investors are increasingly aware of the importance of incorporating environmental, social and ...

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Due Diligence

Indufor adopts a multi-disciplinary approach encompassing forestry, financial and environmental, ...

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Asset Valuation

Timberland Assets Indufor is closely involved with forest valuation. We ...

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Forest Estate Modelling

In its specialised form, Forest Estate Modelling is a top-down approach to exploring management ...

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