Feasibility and Market Studies

Firms today operate in an increasingly competitive and dynamic global environment. Seemingly small, localised developments can have outsized effects on global industries and businesses. A company must track its changing environment and regulatory landscape if it is to make sustainable profits and achieve long-term growth.

To develop successful business strategies in this dynamic and tumultuous environment, it is crucial to understand a host of industry factors: resource constraints, processing options, environmental impacts, competition, market volatility and its financial implications, among others. This is where our experts come in.

For more than 40 years, Indufor’s consultants have worked with a wide range of local and international clients throughout the forestry, forest industry and bioenergy value chains. We offer global industry insights rooted in a profound understanding of the diverse business environments in which our clients operate. We have specialists with expertise in every key area assisting clients in developing effective business strategies that leverage internal strengths and mitigate vulnerabilities.

Our service offerings include:

  • Pre-feasibility/project studies
  • Business plans
  • Turnaround assessments
  • Market supply, demand and trade assessments
  • End use segment and client identification studies
  • Distribution channel and logistics
  • Market entry solutions
  • Price and competitor analysis.

Our project references include the following:

  • Sawmilling Industry Benchmarking, Russia (2021)
  • Business Case Development for Selected Solid Wood and Wood-based Solid and liquid Fuels Processing Options for New Zealand (2021).
  • New Product Opportunities for a Russian Industrial Company (2021)
  • Plywood Sales Strategy (2021)
  • Provision of the Timber Market Survey (Australia), ongoing.
  • Price Forecasts for Internationally Traded Softwood and Hardwood Logs and Softwood and Hardwood Chips within the Asia Pacific Region from 2016 onwards.
  • Feasibility for a Large-Scale Veneer Mill in Laos (2019).
  • Global Markets and Benchmarking Study for Selection of Promising Wood Products in North America (2017-18)
  • Value Added Pine Sawnwood Business Opportunity in Eastern Africa (2017)

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