Climate change is increasingly presenting new challenges in the form of erratic and extreme weather conditions, such as droughts, floods, and storms as a result of higher temperatures. Indufor provides services on climate change adaptation that deliver solutions on how both people and ecosystems can adapt to climate change. Our adaptation projects are funded by World Bank and the Adaptation Fund.

Mon Choisy, Mauritius

Socio-economic adaptation

We evaluate stakeholders’ vulnerability to climate change and their degree of dependence on forest and ecosystem resources for their livelihoods. This is done through modelling socio-economic data and participatory consultation processes. Based on our findings, we develop adaptation plans providing solutions and strategies on how communities can move to a more resilient lifestyle.

Ecosystem adaptation

A changing climate puts ecosystems to test. Some species and ecosystems are more vulnerable to the challenges of climate change, particularly droughts, floods, storms, and pest and disease epidemics. We provide services in ecosystem climate adaptation, such as ecosystem restoration, biodiversity conservation, identification of drought or flood tolerant species, addressing erosion and the role of vegetations in the hydrological system, and pest control, etc.

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Blair Freeman

Head of Strategy and Sustainability (Australia)

Daphne Yin

Senior Consultant

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