The central issue in responding to climate change is limiting its effects while also achieving sustainable development and social equity through ‘green growth’. An integrated, cross-sectoral approach is required to achieve these outcomes.

More broadly, other developments also impact the way in which forests are governed, such as globalization, decentralization, privatization, and changing demand for forest products and services from a growing and often more urbanised population.

The development of good public policy requires thorough analysis of alternative policy options, and careful design of public sector programs that support the policies. It also needs a sound understanding of supply chain dynamics within and across various sectors, including for example land use allocations and dependencies between the agricultural and forestry sectors.

Indufor has extensive expertise and experience in all these areas, based on almost 40 years of consulting services, mainly within the forestry and agricultural sectors, in over 90 countries worldwide. Indufor uses a range of policy evaluation methodologies and tools and is familiar with the evaluation frameworks used by a range of donor agencies and companies operating globally.

Indufor has worked globally on projects relating to sustainable development and responses to climate change, for clients including donor agencies, non-government organizations and other international organisations. This work has included capacity building to support sustainable landscapes and REDD+ readiness; evaluation reviews of ecosystem restoration projects; and development of green growth projects in forestry and land use sectors.

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