A combination of in-depth technical knowledge and evaluation skills is critical to conducting monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of large and often complex projects, as well as policies in the fields of development cooperation, forestry and climate change.

Indufor has solid in-house evaluation expertise as well as access to a wide network of experienced evaluation consultants. In addition, we have extensive experience in project and programme monitoring as well as project cycle management of multi-year development cooperation initiatives around the world.

In our work, we follow the best international practices, such as the OECD DAC Quality Standards for Development Evaluation. Our experience allows us to provide high quality evaluation design, implementation and reporting. We also provide guidance to our clients on how to learn from and effectively use the evaluation results.

Our clients in M&E assignments include governments, the European Commission, and bilateral and multilateral development agencies, as well as private organisations. Our services to these clients include project (performance) reviews, final and ex-post evaluations, monitoring, and impact assessments.

In 2015, Indufor carried out the Final Evaluation of the Regional Biodiversity Programme for the Amazon Region of the Andean Community (BioCAN, 2010- 2013). The evaluation aimed at assessing the relevance of the programme in the regional Andean-Amazon context, focusing on its coherence and complementarity with national and regional policies and other similar interventions. The evaluation encompassed the four Andean Community Member States; Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru.)


Experimental fish farm managed by the Peruvian Amazon Research Institute (IIAP) for producing the world’s largest fresh water fish, Arapaima (Arapaima gigas) in captivity. Local indigenous communities produce fingerlings for the fish farms to earn income and to protect the wild populations of the fish. The initiative was supported by the Finnish-funded Regional Biodiversity Programme for the Amazon Region of the Andean Community. Indufor carried out the mid-term and final evaluations of the programme. Photo: Guarango, photobank of BioCAN Program.


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