Biomass Sourcing and Wood Supply Plans

Having steady access to a sufficient supply of biomass is critical for any entity in any industry reliant on biological feedstocks for production. Biomass availability depends on a number of factors including land suitability, seasonal variability, competing and fluctuating demand, quality and physio-chemical constraints, and harvesting methods.

Indufor supports its clients through offering a wide range of technical and advisory services including:

  • Profiling site suitability for forest plantation and biomass species and varieties
  • Assessing potential and realistic supply availability in biomass supply baskets
  • Modelling competition for biomass resources over time
  • Developing supply models and assessing associated cost structures
  • Assessing biomass sourcing risks.

Indufor works with clients to develop sound procurement strategies, optimise grade mix, quality, and cost structures, and can advise on contractual arrangements.

Project examples:

  • Catchment Area Analyses for the Biomass Supply of an Energy Company (2019-2021)
  • Woody Biomass Risk Assessment, Brazil (2021)
  • Wood Prices in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania (2021)
  • Appraisal of Harvesting and Transport Operations and Improvement Plan in Russia (2017).

Loading of full tree plantation pine logs in Zimbabwe

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