Continuous Monitoring of Your Forest with Indufor’s New System

December 15, 2017

Indufor’s resource monitoring team have finished developing a Continuous Plantation Monitoring System (CPMS) that leverages off both free and commercial satellites to provide timely and accurate information. This service provides up-to-date information that provides information to decision makers that can be used to monitor harvesting and plantation development across large areas.

This system leverages off the increased availability of Earth Observation (EO) data and advances in technologies that allow cost-effective repeat assessment of forest resources. The two main catalysts have been the launch of more satellites and the development of cloud-based processing engines – enabling the development of near real-time monitoring applications.

The increased temporal resolution represents an important shift towards continuous monitoring of resources. The ability to monitor the same location repeatedly (6-7 times per month) enables the detection of subtle changes in vegetation vigour and identification of trends. The real analytical efficiencies are accomplished by leveraging off cloud computing architecture which hosts and serves petabytes of historical and recently acquired images on-demand. With data held in this environment there is no need to individually review, download, or process and analyse satellite imagery as was the norm in the recent past.

These developments represent a major change in the way data is analysed – allowing on-demand processing while simultaneously accessing an ever-increasing repository of global datasets, satellite images, topographic and climatic observations. For decision-makers this moves the conversation towards better understanding of when and how these datasets should be applied and what questions they assist in answering. For further information check out our resource monitoring page.

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Head of Resource Monitoring

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