Climate Bonds Annual Conference Exploring Ways to Scale-up the Green Bonds Market

March 6, 2019

Green bonds and climate bonds have become an important part of the climate finance response to meet the low carbon transition and climate resilient economy challenges. Dr Silja Siitonen and Mr Henri Sakki from Indufor participate in the Climate Bonds Initiative – Annual Conference 2019 in London.

While we will see nearly USD 167 billion of issuance in 2018 and possibly around USD 200 billion in 2019, we need to see trillions in green investment through the 2020s to make a real difference. The Climate Bonds 2019 Annual Conference is exploring ways to scale-up the green bonds market into trillions in the 2020s.

The Annual Conference brings together asset owners, investment managers, infrastructure and debt specialists, issuers, underwriters, regulators and policymakers to share their experiences and identify solutions to the challenges facing climate finance.

Sean Kidney, CEO of CBI.

Indufor is an approved Certified Green Bonds Verifier by Climate Bonds Initiative as one of the first forest industry consulting companies globally. We are able to assess green bond projects’ eligibility and compliance under the Climate Bond Standard. This is a new service area to our forest industry clients. Read more

Indufor is a global leader in Natural Resources Management, Investment Advisory, and Strategic Industrial Development consulting. We support our customers to compete and grow in international markets. Indufor has own offices in Finland, New Zealand, Australia and the US, and representation in China. We have close to 40 years of experience in more than 100 countries. Our services support our clients to make the world more sustainable and greener.

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