The Sustainability Risk Assessment of Agricultural Biomass

October 31, 2018

Indufor has experience of doing agricultural feedstock sustainability risk assessment and recent examples include sunflower and bagasse.bagasse

Risk assessment for sustainable agricultural biomass sourcing was based on a thorough consideration of the environmental, social and economic benefits as well as of the threats involved in biomass cultivation, harvesting and processing. The assignment aimed at identifying the main supply chain and country/region-specific risks in sourcing of agricultural biomass and listing recommendations for their mitigation.

A risk-assessment approach is commonly used to manage the uncertainty related to benefits and adverse impacts of a planned management regime. Risk-assessment categorisation also included the probability (likelihood) of the consequence occurring and the severity of the consequence. A likely consequence producing low adverse impacts may be less harmful than an unlikely outcome producing severe environmental, social or economic impacts.sunflower husks

Sustainability assessments of agricultural biomass sourcing will support decision-making in whether to accept and how to enhance the sustainability of sunflower and bagasse based biomass.

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Jarno Seppälä

Managing Director, Head of Forest Industry & Bio Solutions Consulting

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