Benchmarking Supply Chains Provide Tools and Information for Biomass Market Development and Transparency

March 30, 2017

Indufor was present at the Nordic Baltic Bioenergy Conference 2017 held in Helsinki on 29-30 March. At the conference Matias Pekkanen, Senior Consultant from Indufor, and Pete Stewart, CEO of Forest2Market, gave a joint presentation on “Benchmarking of Biomass Supply Chains” within the context of Nordic-Baltic biomass markets.

The presentation addresses the key developments of the energy consumption of wood biomass and main market drivers within the Nordic-Baltic region. It also illustrated the challenges of various business entities along the value chains and what kind of solutions Indufor and Forest2Market have jointly prepared for addressing these challenges and enhancing the further market growth and business opportunities.

The key takeaways for the audience were:

  • Nordic Baltic has mature biomass market with steady supply of raw materials and established trade routes
  • Despite challenges new investment plans in energy and material consumption of wood are being announced.
  • For further growth and increased market driven approach, the actors along the value chains need new information of the markets.
  • Benchmarks enable improved transparency to raw material and feedstock pricing, buyers and suppliers to gauge their market position and encourage efficiency and enable trading.
  • Price indexation in relation to a benchmark balances risk between buyers and sellers resulting in more reliable supply

The presentation can be found here.

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